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Polyform Shield License 1.0.0
Polyform Shield License 1.0.0
  • LicenseRef-scancode-polyform-defensive-1.0.0
  • Yoyodyne, Inc.
# PolyForm Shield License 1.0.0


## Acceptance

In order to get any license under these terms, you must agree
to them as both strict obligations and conditions to all
your licenses.

## Copyright License

The licensor grants you a copyright license for the
software to do everything you might do with the software
that would otherwise infringe the licensor's copyright
in it for any permitted purpose.  However, you may
only distribute the software according to [Distribution
License](#distribution-license) and make changes or new works
based on the software according to [Changes and New Works

## Distribution License

The licensor grants you an additional copyright license
to distribute copies of the software.  Your license
to distribute covers distributing the software with
changes and new works permitted by [Changes and New Works

## Notices

You must ensure that anyone who gets a copy of any part of
the software from you also gets a copy of these terms or the
URL for them above, as well as copies of any plain-text lines
beginning with `Required Notice:` that the licensor provided
with the software.  For example:

> Required Notice: Copyright Yoyodyne, Inc. (

## Changes and New Works License

The licensor grants you an additional copyright license to
make changes and new works based on the software for any
permitted purpose.

## Patent License

The licensor grants you a patent license for the software that
covers patent claims the licensor can license, or becomes able
to license, that you would infringe by using the software.

## Noncompete

Any purpose is a permitted purpose, except for providing any
product that competes with the software or any product the
licensor or any of its affiliates provides using the software.

## Competition

Goods and services compete even when they provide functionality
through different kinds of interfaces or for different technical
platforms.  Applications can compete with services, libraries
with plugins, frameworks with development tools, and so on,
even if they're written in different programming languages
or for different computer architectures.  Goods and services
compete even when provided free of charge.  If you market a
product as a practical substitute for the software or another
product, it definitely competes.

## New Products

If you are using the software to provide a product that does
not compete, but the licensor or any of its affiliates brings
your product into competition by providing a new version of
the software or another product using the software, you may
continue using versions of the software available under these
terms beforehand to provide your competing product, but not
any later versions.

## Discontinued Products

You may begin using the software to compete with a product
or service that the licensor or any of its affiliates has
stopped providing, unless the licensor includes a plain-text
line beginning with `Licensor Line of Business:` with the
software that mentions that line of business.  For example:

> Licensor Line of Business: YoyodyneCMS Content Management
System (

## Sales of Business

If the licensor or any of its affiliates sells a line of
business developing the software or using the software
to provide a product, the buyer can also enforce
[Noncompete](#noncompete) for that product.

## Fair Use

You may have "fair use" rights for the software under the
law. These terms do not limit them.

## No Other Rights

These terms do not allow you to sublicense or transfer any of
your licenses to anyone else, or prevent the licensor from
granting licenses to anyone else.  These terms do not imply
any other licenses.

## Patent Defense

If you make any written claim that the software infringes or
contributes to infringement of any patent, your patent license
for the software granted under these terms ends immediately. If
your company makes such a claim, your patent license ends
immediately for work on behalf of your company.

## Violations

The first time you are notified in writing that you have
violated any of these terms, or done anything with the software
not covered by your licenses, your licenses can nonetheless
continue if you come into full compliance with these terms,
and take practical steps to correct past violations, within
32 days of receiving notice.  Otherwise, all your licenses
end immediately.

## No Liability

***As far as the law allows, the software comes as is, without
any warranty or condition, and the licensor will not be liable
to you for any damages arising out of these terms or the use
or nature of the software, under any kind of legal claim.***

## Definitions

The **licensor** is the individual or entity offering these
terms, and the **software** is the software the licensor makes
available under these terms.

A **product** can be a good or service, or a combination
of them.

**You** refers to the individual or entity agreeing to these

**Your company** is any legal entity, sole proprietorship,
or other kind of organization that you work for, plus all
its affiliates.

**Affiliates** means the other organizations than an
organization has control over, is under the control of, or is
under common control with.

**Control** means ownership of substantially all the assets of
an entity, or the power to direct its management and policies
by vote, contract, or otherwise.  Control can be direct or

**Your licenses** are all the licenses granted to you for the
software under these terms.

**Use** means anything you do with the software requiring one
of your licenses.