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MakeIndex Distribution Notice
MakeIndex Distribution Notice
MakeIndex Project
Per Fedora, this license is free but GPL-incompatible, and was found in the MakeIndex component inside TeXLive.
MakeIndex Distribution Notice

Permission is hereby granted to make and distribute original copies of this
program provided that the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved and provided that the recipient is not asked to waive or limit his
right to redistribute copies as allowed by this permission notice and provided
that anyone who receives an executable form of this program is granted access
to a machine-readable form of the source code for this program at a cost not
greater than reasonable reproduction, shipping, and handling costs. Executable
forms of this program distributed without the source code must be accompanied
by a conspicuous copy of this permission notice and a statement that tells the
recipient how to obtain the source code.

Permission is granted to distribute modified versions of all or part of this
program under the conditions above with the additional requirement that the
entire modified work must be covered by a permission notice identical to this
permission notice. Anything distributed with and usable only in conjunction with
something derived from this program, whose useful purpose is to extend or adapt
or add capabilities to this program, is to be considered a modified version of
this program under the requirement above. Ports of this program to other systems
not supported in the distribution are also considered modified versions. All
modified versions should be reported back to the author.

This program is distributed with no warranty of any sort. No contributor accepts
responsibility for the consequences of using this program or for whether it
serves any particular purpose.