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Excelsior JET Runtime License
Excelsior JET Runtime License
Excelsior JET Licensing Terms and Conditions
Production and Redistribution Use
Production use and redistribution use of Excelsior JET Runtime is permitted only in conjunction with and as part of your software product.

Excelsior JET Runtime includes the standard Java API code licensed from Sun Microsystems. According to that license:

Deployment of your software product that includes Excelsior JET Runtime onto general purpose desktop computers and servers shall be royalty-free, but
Usage of Excelsior JET Runtime in embedded systems in the general case requires you to sign a trademark and license agreement with Sun Microsystems and pay per-unit royalties. Exceptions are low-volume deals, for which Excelsior help you negotiate a flat fee with Sun.


In addition to the Development License granted above, Excelsior grants You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, feebearing
license to use software programs or components of the Software that are incorporated or embedded in and
used in the execution of Your software ("Runtime Components") for the number of applications, users, CPUs, servers,
or connections and at the sites, as specified on Your invoice, on the following terms:

Embedded Use. Use of the Runtime Components in devices other than General Purpose Desktop Computers And
Servers is not allowed under this Agreement. Please contact Excelsior for the conditions of such use.

Production Use. You may use the Runtime Components in Your applications legally developed under the Development
License above for internal business purposes, which may include third party customers’ access to or use of such

Redistribution Use. You may redistribute the Runtime Components on the following conditions:
You agree to: a. distribute the Runtime Components in object code form only and in conjunction with and as a part
of Your software product legally developed under the Development License above; b. not suppress, alter, or remove
proprietary rights notices contained therein; c. indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Excelsior and its suppliers from
and against any claims or lawsuits, including attorney’s fees, that arise or result from the use or distribution of Your
software product; and d. ensure that Your distributors and customers agree to act in a manner consistent with Your
obligations under this Agreement.

Your license agreement with Your distributors and/or customers will: a. not permit Your end users to modify,
translate, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Runtime Components except as expressly permitted by law;
b. not permit further distribution of the Runtime Components by end users. c. include statements that Your product: (i)
is licensed not sold, and that title to such offering is not passed to the customer, (ii) may include material licensed by a
third party, and that You have assumed responsibility for the presence and use of this material; and (iii) comply with the
requirements of Section H "Limited Warranty" as appropriate.

Fees. The runtime license fees applicable to Production Use and Redistribution Use are detailed at