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Kyoto Products FOSS Library Linking Exception v1.0
Kyoto Products Specific FOSS Library Linking Exception v1.0
Copyleft Limited
Mikio Hirabayashi
License: Link-Exception
          Kyoto Products Specific FOSS Library Linking Exception
                      Version 1.0, 10 June 2011
 This Specific FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Library Linking Exception
 allows applications of some specific FOSS libraries to link to Kyoto Products
 without the "copyleft" duty defined by the GNU General Public License ("GPL").
 Kyoto Products are licensed pursuant to version 3 (or later) of the GPL, but
 this exception permits distribution of Kyoto Products with applications of
 pecific FOSS libraries listed below, even though their license may be
 imcompativle with the GPL.
 The following terms and conditions describe the circumstances under which
 this Specific FOSS Library Linking Exception.
      Specific FOSS Library Linking Exception Terms and Conditions
 1. Definitions
    "Derivative Work" means a derivative work, as defined under applicable
    copyright law, formed entirely from the Program and the Specific Library
    and the Application.
    "Application" means an application under an arbitrary license, which may
    or may not be a FOSS license, linking to the Specific Library.
    "Program" means a copy of FAL Labs' Kyoto Products Libraries.
    "Specific Library" means one of the libraries listed in the section below
    titled "Specific Library List".
 2. A developer ("you" or "your") may distribute a Derivative Work under an
   arbitrary license, provided that you and the Derivative Work and the
   Specific Library linked to by the Derivative Work meet all of the
   following conditions:
   a. You don't modify the Program at all.
   b. You use the Program as a backend of the Specific Library and you don't
      use any interface of the Program for other purposes except for
      utilizing the Specific Library.
   c. The Specific Library is a FOSS product whose license complies to
      the Open Source Definition defined by the Open Source Initiative.
   d. The Specific Library does not allow applications to use interfaces of
      the Product as a general database functions.
 3. FAL Labs reserves all rights not expressly granted in these terms and
   conditions. If all of the above conditions are not met, then this
   Specific FOSS Library Linking Exception does not apply to you or your
   Derivative Work.
                          Specific Library List
   Name: GraphLab
   Description: a parallel framework for machine learning